Cuttlefish Boardwalk

The existing dive point at the west boundary fence of Santos
now has a boardwalk established and car parking.
The boardwalk is approximately 60m and allows
divers to access the water with ease.

The existing facility at Stony Point has car parking and access steps

for easy entry to the water.

The Cuttlefish spawning sites are accessible to everyone and are free to visit. At Black Point there is a car park & a wooden staircase which leads down to the rocky shoreline. At the top of the Santos western boundary fence there is a car park with a 60 metre pathway made of recycled materials which leads down over the rocks to the high water mark (access to the Santos side of the fence line is prohibited). Please note there are no toilet and shower facilities at these locations but these are available closer to the lighthouse.

Access to the cuttlefish aggregation is free and we provide a free map at the dive shop to the best sites at no charge.

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